Helen Griffin’s Savary Island



Product Description

Helen Griffin’s passions were art and nature. During her summers on Savary, between 1947 and 1983, she was often seen with sketchbook, pencils and paints, perhaps quietly observing children at play on the beach, or cycling to some destination on the island which had captured her eye. On her death in 1984, Helen left her family 140 sketchbooks which contained rough sketches, drawings, paintings and notes. Pages from these books were reproduced by Helen’s son Tony and his wife Jane to create two volumes entitled ‘Helen Griffin’s Savary Island’. Their hard covers and coil bindings replicate the sketchbooks, and fit together in a hard sleeve. ‘Helen Griffin’s Savary Island’ won third place at the 2010 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada, in the Pictorial category. Proceeds from sales benefit both the Savary Island Heritage Society and the BC Cancer Foundation.